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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

"There's nothing you could do or say, I can't escape the way I love you..."

This is a really special one. This is one of the most innovative albums made in this century. Billie Eilish is pushing the envelope on pop music in the best way possible. Eilish is a true artist, in every sense of the word, and one of the best in the world. The songwriting and production on this album is something truly unique and some of the best that pop music has ever heard. I would love to hear what she sounds like when she's singing full out and giving it her all, because I bet it would be amazing. But the way she uses the softness of her voice and overall sound to her benefit is genius. Her lyrics are so beautiful that it almost doesn't matter whats going on underneath them. These are pretty much the smartest lyricists in the world.

If I had ONE thing to say about the album, it would be that the producers really liked to show off. For example: "8" where the EQ of Billie's voice goes all over the meter fairly quickly is quite distracting from the amazing simplicity that is that song. Things like that hinder this album from being literal perfection. However, the producers are insanely smart in songs like "bad guy" where production really doesn't get much better than that.


Billie Eilish is for sure an artist to look out for, and without a doubt is creating a whole new genre of music, influencing future musicians for what I think will be generations.


HIGHLIGHTS: "bad guy", "when the party's over", "i love you", "bury a friend"

GRADE: 95 (A+)

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