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Late Night Feelings - Mark Ronson: ALBUM REVIEW

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

"Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart..."

I never knew a lot about Mark Ronson until UPTOWN SPECIAL, which I loved! But this… OH MAN! This album from start to finish is non-stop emotional roller-coaster that puts you through every feeling of “honesty, heartbreak, love, lust, elation…”: every feeling that Mark Ronson says you should feel. It’s very obvious that Ronson comes with a lot of knowledge about music and across all genres as well. Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk influences all appear on this album, and the thought he has put into every song, from the structure to the production to the instrumentation and beyond, is just amazing.

There is something to be said about the theme and story of this album. Every song follows the theme of complete and utter heartbreak (as per the beautiful album art) and continues to hit you with ‘THE FEELS’ while getting you enthralled in the awesome funk feel of “Late Night Feelings”, the club influence of “Find U Again”, the latin-jazz inspired “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” the pop ballad feeling in “2 AM”, the rugged ending plea of “Spinning”.

The collaborations on this album are nothing short of amazing. Performances from Camila Cabello, King Princess, Ilsey, Lykke Li, YEBBA (who is going to be one of the biggest artist in the world in no time. She is SO GOOD!) make this album unforgettable. This is probably my favourite album of year since Maggie Rogers’ HEARD IT IN A PAST LIFE.

HIGHLIGHTS: “Find U Again”, “Pieces of Us”, “Don’t Leave Me Lonely”, “2 AM”, “Spinning"

GRADE: 88 (A)

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