Sam Poole

Pianist • Guitarist • Vocalist
Composer • Producer • Arranger • Orchestrator

Video Editor


SAM POOLE is a musician based out of Windsor, ON, Canada with a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Piano from the University of Windsor's School of Creative Arts. With experience in performance of many kinds, education, recording, production, composing, he is the perfect fit for all of your musical needs ...


The Perfect Choice for All Occasions ...

Sam Poole is the perfect choice for all of your musical needs. With experience in classical, jazz, musical theatre, gospel, pop, rock, he exemplifies incredible versatility. Engineering and producing two albums, he can take your music to the highest level of professionalism. With training in guitar, piano and voice, he can provide any kind of music for all of your events. He has performed all over Ontario & Michigan making invaluable connections to provide you with the perfect instrumentation for your musical project.

You can take a look at his recent projects in his full resumé here ...

Piano by Sam Poole